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Elle Carpenter

'Sincerely Yours' Album

She's a talented singer, songwriter and actress who has been immersed in folk and acoustic music since she was a young girl. Raised in Vermont, her mother taught her a love for music and self expression that's evident in her work.

Travianna Records was pleased to release Elle's fifth album. "Sincerely Yours" was released on November 11, 2016.

The definition of sincere is genuine, real, candid, honest and open. No other words could describe Elle Carpenter's music as accurately as these.

As a result of being raised on the very music that she loves to write, Elle knows nothing but candid and honest songwriting. It's who she is. She pours her alluring heart into her music and leaves nothing forsaken. When she sings, listeners know exactly who she is and where she stands – a quality that is hard to find.

Elle's genuine character and love for life shines through in her music. Whether she's on stage or recording in the studio, she is sincere. She's sincere in her approach, sincere in her commitment, and sincere in her passion for her art.

As her friends, family and fans, we are fortunate to have Elle Carpenter, Sincerely Ours.

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